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Gnat and Bee

Illuminate | Facial Serum

Illuminate | Facial Serum

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Heal, Moisturize and Balance delicate facial skin 

A blend of beautiful oils that penetrate facial skin deeply and quickly. Use on clean, damp skin as a final moisturizer or add to boost a face cream. Scent is warm and floral - like the sunlight on garden blossoms, not overpowering. Made for dry and combination skin types.

Our body oils have the ability to:

  • balance your skin's natural moisture levels
  • increase collagen & protein production for healthy glowing skin
  • help to reduce inflammation
  • balance sebum and soothe irritations and injuries
  • reduce acne and scarring

The oil will quickly absorb into your skin, not leaving you feeling greasy. The light natural scent can last up to an hour. Feed your skin and enhance your natural beauty.

Ingredients: Apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, sunflower oil infused with: calendula, chamomile, lavender & rose. Essential oils of: Frankincense, lavender, wild orange, clary sage. 

To Use: Lightly massage a small amount onto entire face and neck. Use after cleansing and toning / on clean damp skin. 

Container: 1 oz.  glass bottle with dropper

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