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Winter Wealth | White tea blend

Winter Wealth | White tea blend

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Winter Wealth brings together the finest woodland ingredients to create a luxurious white tea blend with a focus on wellness and nourishment during the colder months. Combining White Mu Bai Dan tea with pomegranate, cedar, berries, and sought-after ashwaghanda root, this blend not only tastes heavenly but also provides a decadent boost for the mind, body, and soul. 

  • Ingredients: *White Mu Bai Dan tea, *cedar leaf, *rose hips, *hawthorn berry, *ashwaghanda root, *juniper berry, *safflower, *blue corn flower, dried pomegranate pips and essence. *organic
  • Caffeine Content: Low
  • Flavor: Light and rich with subtle sweet berry notes and pine
  • Brewing Loose Leaf Tea: Use 1-2 tsp. to infuse one cup. Pour soft boiled water over the tea and let steep 3-5 minutes. Strain and add a drizzle of honey if desired. Enjoy
  • Size: 2 oz compostable pouches brew 15-20 servings. Samples brew 4 servings.

 MSRP: sample $3, 2 oz $10

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